Check List


1. Water level in pool must be to operating level


2. Water must be clean and clear. If you won’t swim in it, neither will we. This will be asked during our information gathering over the phone. We do charge a service fee for pools that are unswimmable the day of the appointment.


3.  Access to pool is a must. Cage doors unlocked, gates, fences, courtyards, etc.


4.  Access to pool equipment is also a must.


5.  Pool must be filed to optimal operating level. Most pools, this is the center of the water line tile. If you are not sure then fill the pool to the middle of the skimmer.


6.  Please make sure all ducks, dogs, pigs, cats and other animals do not have access to the work area. We are in an out of the pool cage multiple times during the testing process and want to make sure your loved ones are safe.