Evaporation Season is Here!

Get the hoses unraveled or the auto fills tunes up!

We’ve talked about it before but its good to go over it again because this is the start of evaporation season. When the overnight air temperature drops below the water temperature there is a transfer of heat. Then take into consideration the dry air with windy conditions and its the perfect recipe for evaporation. All pools will experience some kind of evaporation, there is no such thing as a non evaporating pool. However there are certain factors that can cut back on evaporation. Some of those factors are:

  • Using solar blankets
  • Limit the amount of water features running (fountains, deck jets, spillways)
  • Turn off the solar / heaters

The evaporation rate of loss this time of year for the average pool only with no water features is 1/8″ per day or roughly an 1″ per week. Heated pools or pools with water features can see up to 1.5″ per week of loss due to evaporation. Its really hard for the average person to measure an 1/8″ per day so, the best way to measure is to mark and monitor over at least a 3 day period or more. Check our videos on the Bucket Test and How to Mark the Skimmer to determine how much water loss you are experiencing.

If you have any questions regarding water loss in your pool please contact us. 941.882.5466 and we will answer all your questions

– Aqua Leak Detection


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