Green Egg Grilling Idea #1

Three Way Chicken

This ones easy and feeds a small army!

Chicken on the Green Egg

Chicken on the Green Egg

2 – Whole Chickens
1lb – Bacon
1 – 16oz Jar Apple Juice
12oz – White Cooking Wine
Olive Oil
5 lbs – Red Potatoes
1 – Large Vadalia Onion
Baby Portabellos
3 – Twigs Fresh Rosemary
Salt & Pepper

Take 2 whole chickens, leave one whole and spatchcock the other and split that one complete in half. Marinate for up to 24 hours. I marinate  mine in apple juice and River Oaks Belly Rub. One hour before grilling I fire up the Green Egg to 275 setup for indirect cooking and let it stabilize. Back in the kitchen prepare a bacon weave with 1 lb of bacon and wrap one half chicken. Season heavily with River Oaks Belly Rub (or whatever you like). Take the other half chicken rub in olive oil or mustard and season heavily with rub. Take the whole chicken rub with olive oil or mustard and season heavily. The whole chicken will placed over a beer can while the others are placed directly on the grate.

Below the chicken I place an aluminum pan filled with cut potatoes, rosemary, white wine, olive oil and salt & pepper. I use the ceramic feet to keep the pan off the plate setter.

Cook till internal temp reaches at least 165 degrees. Remove and let rest for 15 minutes, enjoy!!!!!!!

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