A leak detection includes:

.: Structural Examination: We will dive your pool and analyze the entire structure. This means every square inch of your pool will be examined with the precision of a leak detection professional. We find that roughly 80% of all swimming pool leaks are in the structure and most of those can be repaired on the spot with underwater epoxy included in the cost of the detection.

.: Plumbing Pressure Test:
Our leak detections also include pressure testing the plumbing lines from the pool all the way back to the equipment. We will pressurize the plumbing lines to see if they can hold pressure. If any plumbing line cannot hold air pressure, we will then use our underground listening device to locate your buried plumbing leaks.

.: Report: Our invoice at the end of the job will include a detailed report of our tests performed and the results. The will be drawing that points out all the leak locations and what was repaired or needs repaired.

.: Construction Repairs: Concerned the results of you leak detection will come back with additional work needed. NO WORRIES! Our highly specialized team of repair technicians will be ready to take care of it. Aqua Leak Detection LLC is a Florida state licensed contractor (CPC#1457796) equipped to fix any leak pinpointed in swimming pool system. This includes full skimmer replacements, under deck repairs, light niche replacements, wall fitting replacements, tile line cracks, pool surface cracks, under dirt repairs and anything else we discover. We know this kind of work can stress a homeowner out, so be rest assured we are clean, courteous professionals looking to make tough jobs look easy.

.: Pricing: We charge a flat rate per job, according to the features of your swimming pool/spa system, not according to how many leaks we find. Due to the uniqueness of every customer’s job, please call us for prices.

.: Line Clearing: Anything can happen! We are prepared to clear out your bathing suits, towels, pool toys and any other object that can get lodged in the lines.

.: Real Estate Inspections: Buying a house? Selling a house? We offer swimming pool inspections to help with your investment decision. Our inspection service is the same thorough testing as our leak detection that also includes reporting on equipment conditions, filter system, pool surface and plumbing report. We can certify a pool leak free to give you the piece of mind that you are making the right decision.